Battle Over Printer Ink Cartridges

Are we going to see less locations where consumers can get the cheap printer cartridges? It looks like the big printer brand makers want much more control over the lucrative printer ink cartridge market. They see that their share in this market becomes smaller as a result of the much less high priced ink cartridges supplied by non-OEM manufacturers. So the top printer manufacturers attempt to regain some marketplace percentage.

Industry leader Hewlett-Packard now approaches chain stores, probably offering them far better conditions if they agree to far more aggressively marketplace the HP printer ink cartridges and stop or lessen their efforts to supply their customers with third-party replacement printer ink cartridge products. Hewlett-Packard tries to convince buyers that it’s superior for the printer to make use of genuine HP cartridges. Sounding like a actual warning that it may well be bad for your printer if users print with other than Hewlett-Packard’s ink cartridges.

But a good deal of consumers don’t invest in that and are not willing to pay for the over-priced genuine ink cartridges. Specially not when the non-genuine ink cartridge manufacturers and suppliers guarantee an ink and print high quality that matches that of OEM ink cartridges. See for examples HP Ink Cartridges.

Also printer manufacturers Lexmark and Epson attempt to stop the production of compatible ink cartridges.

And then there’s Kodak, stating that for far too lengthy, folks have felt restrained from printing because of the high cost of printer ink. With their new system – the EasyShare 5000 printers – Kodak thinks that the printer ink marketplace will never be the exact same and claims that customers can print the same number of pages at half the price of other consumer inkjet printers.


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